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The “Colorado Cottage Foods Act” began in 2012 and was amended in 2013, 2015, and 2016 (read about the history of the act). 2016’s amendment (SB 16-058) added all non-PHF foods to the approved list (including pickled items) and enabled internet sales within the state. The current law restricts producers to direct sales only, but no license from […]

Lisa’s Creations

I am a mother and grandmother.  Happily married to my wonderful husband, Chuck.  We have custody of our grandchildren ages 6mo, 5, 11, as well as our son who is 10.  We live on our ranch, 4D ranch, in Fountain, CO.  We currently have chickens who lay eggs for us daily!  We are planning on […]

The Cake Pop Shop

Our little adventure began at a birthday party where these adorable little balls on a stick were being served. We had never had nor heard of cake pops before. But one bite changed our lives forever. After a lot of researching and learning how to make them ourselves we started getting requests from friends and family, and before we […]

Sparkles Bakery

My name is Kayla and this is my business, Sparkles Bakery. I nicknamed it “Sparkles.” Right now it’s ran at home, someday when I get enough money I will open a store front. I am in my last year at Johnson and Wales, majoring in Baking and Pastry Arts. I may be working from home, but I […]