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The Burnt Out Baker with Jenni Reher

Podcast Episode #66 —

The Burnt Out Baker with Jenni Reher

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Many prospective bakers dream about having a brick-and-mortar bakery someday, but few recognize the not-so-glamourous truth about what it takes to actually get there.

Jenni Reher lives in Mead, CO and started a vegan & gluten-free donut business named Rustic Donut back in 2015.

Initially she used her home kitchen under Colorado’s cottage food law, but eventually moved into a shared commercial kitchen in Loveland, CO so she could wholesale her donuts to coffee shops.

Over the course of 4 years, Jenni grew her bakery into a substantial business, with about 20 wholesale accounts that re-ordered every single week.

But then in 2019, when her business was doing better than ever, she decided to sell it to a vegan restaurant.

Why did she sell? Why did she want to quit? Why didn’t she pursue her initial dream of owning a brick-and-mortar?

In this episode, you’ll not only learn about great strategies about growing a vegan, donut, and/or wholesale bakery, but you’ll also get an honest look at what NOT to do so that you don’t end up burnt out at the height of your business.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why you should do Google keyword research before trying to sell something new in your area
  • How to get feedback from customers who aren’t your family & friends
  • How listening to customers sparked the creation of her most popular flavor
  • Some benefits of renting a shared commercial kitchen
  • How to get wholesale accounts without being “salesy”
  • Why you should raise your prices by cents, not dollars
  • Why the baking life is not always as glamourous as it seems
  • What it’s like to face burn out when your business is thriving
  • How to avoid getting stuck in the trenches as your business grows
  • Why Jenni still somewhat regrets selling her business
  • What SCORE is and why you should consider getting a business mentor
  • A different approach to being successful on Instagram
  • Why you shouldn’t pretend to be bigger than you actually are
  • How your mindset about customers can derail your business
  • Why you need to pay yourself first in your business


Jenni’s Instagram

Rustic Donut Facebook page (inactive)

Jenni’s SCORE Mentor page

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