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General Questions

No, Forrager is not an online marketplace. If you want to do online sales and ship your products, there are many websites that offer that. You can learn how to build a free ecommerce website with a CFO account (see above), and then you can link that website to your Forrager listing.

CFO Pro Questions

A CFO Pro membership includes one 1-hour coaching call with David.

It’s a one-on-one call, and it can be whatever you want it to be: David’s happy to listen to your business idea, offer feedback/advice, answer questions you may have, etc.


If you have validated your business idea (see the free mini course to learn how), the CFO Pro lessons will help you take the next steps to legalize your cottage food business. The lessons include:

  • How to get permits
  • What type of business license to get (DBA vs LLC)
  • When and how to get liability insurance
  • What taxes you need to be aware of
  • Managing accounting for your business income/expenses
  • Setting up a business bank account

Privacy Questions