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Michigan HB 5704

Would allow products to be sold online and be shipped. Would also allow products to be sold in food service establishments. Would also remove the $25k sales limit. Allows a producer to use a registration number on labels instead of their name and home address.

Michigan HB 5671

Would allow products to be sold online and be shipped. Would also increase sales limit from $25k to $100k.


Michigan enacted a cottage food law in 2010 (HB 5280), and then amended it once in 2012 (HB 5130) to increase the sales limit. Many types of non-perishable foods are allowed, and producers can sell directly to consumers at most sales venues. It is very easy to start a cottage food business, since no license… [read more]

Dads Can Cake Too with Jeremy Davis

Jeremy Davis from Charlotte, MI runs a lucrative custom-decorated cake business from home while working a full-time job, taking care of his kids, and occasionally appearing on national television.

The Cookie Cutter Queen with Tina Karnath

Tina Karnath from Saginaw, MI owns a plethora of cookie cutters and decorates hundreds of custom-designed cookies each week. She talks about pricing, resources, and what she’s learned over the years.

MICoffee Co.

We have been home roasting coffee for nearly four years. After many requests from friends and family to buy our beans, we have decided to take the leap with MICoffee Co. We enjoy a good cup of coffee and want to make that possible for others too. Our suppliers are Direct Trade and Utz certified…. [read more]

My Chai Supply LLC

My Chai Supply specializes in the production of instant chai powder. We focus on assisting active individuals who want the taste and benefits of chai yet do not have time to create their own recipe or order at the coffeeshop.

Windy Ridge Bakery

I’m a Michigan cottage bakery, operating out of my home in the southern part of Michigan. I work part time for a chiropractor, and in my spare time, bake.  I started my home-based business as a way to get my vegan cupcakes out into the public. It’s taking off slowly.

Michigan HB 5130

Increase sales limit from $15k to $20k until 2017, then $25k thereafter