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MICoffee Co.

Cottage Food Business

We have been home roasting coffee for nearly four years. After many requests from friends and family to buy our beans, we have decided to take the leap with MICoffee Co. We enjoy a good cup of coffee and want to make that possible for others too.

Our suppliers are Direct Trade and Utz certified. They work directly with the farmers to bring us our green coffee beans.

MICoffee Co sees coffee roasting as an art. We never roast more than 8lbs at a time. Our roasting method relies only on sight, sound, and smell to get you the best roasted coffee. No complicated machinery or special gadgets are used.

MICoffee Co is a family run business operating under Michigan’s Cottage Food law. Unfortunately that law prevents us from selling outside of Michigan. All transactions are in person only, though we do take orders (no payment) online.