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Maine has had their “home food manufacturing” law in place since 1980, and it is still being used today. Although this law was created long before modern cottage food laws became popular, it is quite flexible and allows producers to sell many types of homemade food. To sell homemade food, producers need to get a […]

Food Freedom Is No Longer A Myth

Yes, food freedom is real. The term has become increasingly popular: you may have heard it around the dinner table, at farmers markets, or even at a food freedom fest. This catchphrase of locavore culture has become so common that, until recently, you may have thought it to be a real thing. Proponents of food […]

Oats Any Time

I have never been interested in baking.  I have spent my entire professional career in the Travel & Hospitality Industry.  Leisure activities included anything that was outdoors and required physical activity.  I also love to cook, but I never liked to bake.  Not only because of how precise you have to be to bake, but because the end product wasn’t anything […]