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Interview with Rich Gould, Founder of the CFOAA


Richard Gould

Rich Gould founded the Cottage Food Operators Association of America (CFOAA) in 2015, and it is the first non-profit trade association for the cottage food industry.

I spoke with Rich about a number of topics, including his vision for the CFOAA and the cottage food industry. You can listen to the interview by clicking on the audio player above, or use one of these download links: MP3 | OGG.

If you’d like to learn more about the CFOAA, you can head over to their website. To reach out to Rich, or to receive future updates via email, use the website’s contact page.

Here are the sections of the interview:

0:50 – Rich introduces himself

1:47 – Why Rich started his own cottage food operation

2:56 – Interactions with other CFOs

4:59 – What it takes to run a CFO

5:45 – Why Rich started the CFOAA

7:30 – What the CFOAA is focused on

9:48 – Long-term evolution of the CFOAA

12:18 – Vision for the CFOAA and cottage food industry in 3 years

14:10 – Why the cottage food industry is important

15:19 – An amazing story about a CFO in Texas

17:04 – Scaling cottage food operations

18:49 – Questions that Rich would like to ask CFOs

19:54 – About and how to contact Rich

20:45 – Closing remarks


Do you see the St of Maryland ever updating the Cottage Industry laws? I work a full time job and do Gluten Free old fashioned desserts in my Cottage food business, but the boss of my fulltime job does not let me off on fridays to do my baking for the farmers market on Saturday. It is almost impossible to do my business …makes me sad and frustrated. Thanks for any information you can offer.

Thanks Anne – my interest in Cottage Food was sparked by your training. You and others have been my inspiration and support. Thanks for all you do – it is so much more than your job.

This interview that David had with Rich is great because it says so much in the questions asked and Rich’s responses. I have gotten to know both of these individuals because of cottage food. I have personal learned so much from David and Rich and from all of the cottage food producers that I have meet in food safety trainings throughout Colorado. I have meet and learned from people on David’s FORRAGER stie, on the Colorado Cottage Food Producers facebook group and through CFOAA !!! I can not recommend these sites enough to people. There is such a comfort level in going to these sites and what you get out of their skill to use social media to help cottage food producers.

    Thanks for the kind words Anne. I see that you humbly declined to mention all of the work that you are doing to assist cottage food producers in Colorado!

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