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Treasures From the Heart

Cottage Food Business

I would love to share my cookies, caramel corn, brownies and mixes with anyone who want to purchase them. I am trying to get into the business of selling these items.

I also make wonderful quick breads, scones, biscuits and other items.  I am a passionate crafter and teach very large classes for card making, jewelry making and I love to sew and have certain sewed items to sell at craft fairs around the area.


I have eaten these cookies, made from scratch, for many years and they are the best we have ever eaten. I have several types I can sell. Also my caramel corn is made with the best ingredients and it is superb in flavor and lots of nuts.
I also make wonderful brownies from scratch and the mix can be sold with ingredient list and instructions. My baking is superb and people have told me this for many years now.

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