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Maple Cottage Market – delicious home made produce from Virginia

Cottage Food Business

Maple Cottage Market in Culpeper, VA provides delicious home grown and home made produce. Fresh eggs laid daily by The Girls; our flock of 12 hens (Molly, Brenda, Wanda, Poppy, Priscilla, Dottie, Daisy, Gladys, Elsie, Mavis, Blanche and Lula Mae): brown, white, large, medium and bantam eggs available.

We also make our own home made jams, jellies, cakes and cookies, preserves, and sauces. Produce from our garden is available to purchase when in season. We don’t use chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our produce, we keep the weeds under control with good old white vinegar, and The Girls do a great job keeping the bugs at bay!

We named our home Maple Cottage after the maple trees that grew in the back yard. Sadly, we lost those trees to a storm a few years ago, but the home still remains and we didn’t have the heart to change the name. We’ve lived here a little over 10 years, gradually expanding and improving our gardening and vegetable growing skills. Canning became an essential pastime after a surplus of fruits and veggies and so Maple Cottage Market was born. To find out more, please visit our website or sign up for our blog.

We hope you enjoy eating our delicious home made produce just as much as we enjoy growing, picking and making it.

The Maple Cottage Market Girls! Well, some of them anyway.