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Just starting to polish things up: Working on the name at present.

Cottage Food Business

Originally, I have been working on a great cat treat / snack. Now my mind is brainstorming for Human food items!  Will post more once I make some decisions on just what to make.

Being an Entrepreneur, I do know one thing about successful selling food items to the public.

Choose a product that is not a ticking time bomb.  By that I mean, choose a product that is not

aging and going down hill the moment its out of the oven or pot and packaged or  wrapped.

I hope to choose items that are naturally preserved without preservatives of course.  This can come from the sweetener which do a great job of preserving or from dehydration.

Had a great Deli business at one time and came to this conclusion as most of the products we

made were wonderful but as each day passed (they were sold at Natural Food Stores in the chicago area) the products naturally went down hill a bit.  Thats when I started experimenting

with products that didn’t have a short shelf life ~ hence the time bomb ticking away!

Good Luck To All Of You!



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