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Huck’s Hollow Farm Homemade Goods

Cottage Food Business

Huck’s Hollow Farm is a small homestead farm in Penn Valley, CA.  The owners are Theresa, Jim and Josh Huck.  We believe in clean, organic foods and are against factory farming.  We raise our own meats and veggies, enjoying the healthy lifestyle it gives us.  We are animal lovers and have four dogs, seven sheep, 85 hens, two pigs and enjoy the neighbors steer and donkey.

The cottage food business is run by Theresa.  Jim is a 7th grade math teacher and Josh is 15 years old and is a sophomore in high school.  Our pastured, organic egg business supports Josh’s music and the cottage foods supplement Jim’s income to keep us afloat.  Our goal is to share clean and healthy snack foods to those who appreciate clean eating.

Theresa grew up in the food/restaurant business.  Her mother taught her to cook at a young age.  She has since become a great baker and home chef.  The artisanal crackers and cookies she makes have amassed many fans in our local community.  Try a bite for yourself :)


Theresa’s products are awesome and made with as much integrity and care as good ingredients. We are happy to have her represented on our shelves.
Tony (Buyer, New Moon Natural Foods, Truckee, Ca.)

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