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Cottage Food Business


Hi. I am thinking about starting a cottage business. How does a person go about getting started. Is it ok to advertise on Facebook? Should I first try out my treats on friends & family before selling to the public? Do you use any type of packaging?
Totally new at this. Now that I am unemployed, I would like to start my own business & work again.

I am looking at starting up a small cottage business from my home in Ft Myers. I notice you live in Lehigh, which is also Lee County. I had a question about Buttercream frosting. Do you use it? Can you use real butter or have to use shortening such as Crisco? I prefer using real butter and my buttercream doesn’t necessarily have to be refrigerated once on a cake or cupcake. Like any food item there is a shelf life and obliviously a person would make it fresh and throw the product out if is not. Do find a cottage business is beneficial to you? Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you!

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