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Amitea Organics

Cottage Food Business

In 2015 Amitea Organics pulled away from the main stream and began blending only organic versions of my teas and herbal blends. It is a reflection of my belief that life is too short to drink bad tea. Tea is a pause in the day, a moment in time, to be savored and enjoyed. While in this state of TEA BLISS, why would you infuse your soul with anything but the best?

I hand blend my teas and herbal blends from scratch, using recipes I have perfected over the years. I source only the finest organic teas and ingredients from around the world in order to create the finest quality teas and herbals infusion blends that I can.

It is my mission to help people recognize and learn the difference in quality between the wholesome organic loose leaf teas, spices, fruits and flowers used in my teas, compared to mass produced tea bags containing little more than dust. It’s easy to see what you are drinking if you can see the leaf, the pieces of fruit, flowers and spices. The taste difference amazes people who are trying loose leaf teas for the first time……mission accomplished!