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Virginia Food Freedom Campaign Makes National News

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Hear How One Farmer Is Fighting for Food Freedom in VirginiaVirginia Food FreedomHB 1290 -- Home food operationsIs Virginia's new cottage food bill too ambitious?
UPDATE: This initiative did not pass again, but hopefully they will try next year. Soon after it failed, Wyoming successfully passed the Wyoming Food Freedom Act, making them the first state to deregulate almost all direct sales of homemade food.

Fox News just aired a segment with Bernadette Barber, who has been heading up the Virginia Food Freedom initiative for the past two years. Bernadette and her team have drafted a new bill, HB 1290, which is similar to their ambitious bill from last year. This group of individuals is fighting for something that no current cottage food law has aimed for: namely, they are trying to deregulate direct sales for all types of homemade food. If successful, they will set a new bar in the United States for the cottage food industry to strive towards.

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This is awesome, I know Virginia has been waiting a while to update its cottage food law and this would lead the way in making real changes in this small but sometimes forgotten industry. Good luck to you and I will be following your progress.

It is about time and I wish them luck. I would like to know wherever I live, who were the people in office that took away our freedom as citizens to make direct sales to folks in our own state. They may tout health reasons, but I suspect that it was for companies and corporations who did not want any form of competition from their neighbors.

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