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Texas Law Has Created Over A Thousand Local Businesses

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Texans Created Over A Thousand Local Businesses After Texas Eased Restrictions On Selling Food Made At Home

Half a year after publishing a detailed report of California’s cottage food law, the Institute for Justice has now published a new report about the amended cottage food law in Texas. It gives a thorough overview of their current law and gives some good examples of people that are using it successfully.

One of the more notable parts of the article are a couple figures that they researched. First, they learned that at least 1,400 individuals have completed cottage food handler training in just the past year. They also contacted 25 different health departments in the state and confirmed that none of them have yet received a health complaint about a cottage food operation. This is more evidence that cottage food laws are very safe, even when food businesses are not licensed or inspected by a health department, as is the case in Texas.

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Keep it up! I am on a mission in ND to amend our Cottage Food Laws. They are pretty restrictive. We are a very rural state, with more small towns with no jobs, than big town with plenty of jobs (In spite of the oil) It makes sense to give us the tools to help ourselves.
Keep us posted! I’m interested in what you’re doing.

    Actually ND didn’t even have a listing on here until the local foods marketing specialist for the state contacted me and informed me about their non-law-based program. So you actually don’t have a law yet (as I think you know) and you need to create a brand new bill with the help of a legislator.

I live in the state of Oklahoma and we have been trying for three years to get women to be able to do the cottage food law program. We have run into many obstacles, and we do need help. If you would know of anyone we could talk to or anyone who is knowledgeable about what is going on with the law, please let us know

    Mary Jane, I know how hard you’ve worked and it’s commendable! At least OK has a cottage food law now, in large part thanks to you. Your efforts actually remind me of Kelley Masters, the woman that got Texas’ law off the ground. She faced similar huge barriers and although it took years and multiple failed efforts, this article is a testament to what one woman’s persistence can do.

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