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Monique Germaine with Kneading to Bake

Monique Germaine of Nashville, TN shares how she built and rebuilt her cottage food bakery in 3 different states, plus a crazy commercial food business journey that got her products into big retailers


In 2022, Tennessee passed a food freedom law (HB 813) which entirely replaced their old law. The food freedom law changed non-potentially hazardous to non- time/temperature control for safety (TCS) food. Non-TCS products do not contain meat, poultry, fish, or whole eggs and do not require refrigeration for safety. These food items can be sold… [read more]

2021 Cottage Food Bills

2021 is a fresh start in so many ways, but as always, a new year means a new round of cottage food bills!

And what a big round it is! At least one-third of states are actively working on improving their cottage food law this year.

I actually can’t remember a year when there were this many cottage food amendments on the table. It reminds me of nearly a decade ago, when states were busy creating their initial cottage food laws.

In all likelihood, the pandemic, and the resulting surge of interest in cottage foods, is part of the push to improve the laws in many states.

Tennessee HB 813

Removes almost all restrictions for selling nonperishable food items. Allows indirect sales at retail stores. Changes labeling requirements. Removes restriction on having employees.

Hurd Stirs by Hurd Creations

We are not an official business, just a family working together to teach our son about entrepreneurship and selling our product at local Farmers Markets. My son leads a small lemonade stand and I handcraft products to sell in conjunction with his endeavors. I only make a few food-based products, but also have other non-edible… [read more]

B & Bees Provisions

B & Bees Provisions sells local honey and homemade jams and jellies in Memphis, Tennessee. A portion of proceeds are donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Tennessee SB 1187

Simplified Tennessee’s cottage food laws by allowing all direct sales within the state of any type of nonperishable food (except acidified foods). Removed the potential for a producer to sell homemade food indirectly.

Jims Jams

I learned to make Jams and Jellies among other things From my Grandmother as a young boy,starting at about 8 yrs old. I have never bought jam or jelly in a store because I’ve always made it myself. And now at 52 I still make jam and jellies the same way Granny Lillie taught me… [read more]

Tennessee SB 3547

Allowed “home-based kitchens” to sell directly from home and at farmers markets and events, without needing a permit from the ag department. Certain nonperishable foods were allowed, and there was no sales limit. These rules were repealed in 2017.

Tennessee TN Rules & Regulations 0080-04-11-.04

Allowed “domestic kitchens”, which could sell directly and indirectly, but required a complex application process, and limited sales to 100 units per week. These rules were repealed in 2017.