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The Baking Company

Jims Jams

I learned to make Jams and Jellies among other things From my Grandmother as a young boy,starting at about 8 yrs old. I have never bought jam or jelly in a store because I’ve always made it myself. And now at 52 I still make jam and jellies the same way Granny Lillie taught me […]


In 2012, Tennessee updated their home-based food laws to make it much easier for cooks to sell their homemade food. Although a license or inspection from the ag department is no longer required, producers can only sell in-person at certain venues. However, sellers may still utilize the older domestic kitchen law if they want to sell indirectly […]

Tennessee Domestic Kitchen

Tennessee has updated their laws to exempt basic home-based food processors from a license and kitchen inspection. However, they still allow home-based food businesses under the domestic kitchen law, which allows indirect sales to restaurants and retail stores. A domestic kitchen is much more difficult to setup, requiring training, permits, plans, and a home inspection. Domestic kitchens are […]