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The Home Bakery Act of 2013 (HB 1094), which was amended in 2017 (SB 508), is one of the most restrictive cottage food laws in the United States. Producers can only sell certain types of baked goods, and sales are limited to $20,000 per year. However, unlike most cottage food laws, this law does allow some […]

Native Harvest Bakery

Homemade Breads and Pies, Cakes Sourdoughs Yeast Breads Sweet Breads Pies Cakes we can do it  and do it well.

Cake Dreams

Better-than-the-bakery fresh plain or decorated cakes and cupcakes. Make completely from scratch – no mixes, canned frosting or purchased fondants. Fruit fillings are cooked from fresh or frozen fruit. Real butter, pasteurized egg whites and other quality ingredients. Decorated simply or simply beautifully for your special occasion Wedding cakes serving up to 75 people. Put […]

JJ’s Old School Bakery

I make everything from scratch. My cakes are good but I’m not good at decorating. Cupcakes are easy to decorate. I make cakes, breads, cookies,  brownies, cinnamon rolls and muffins. I will try to make just about anything. I very picky about how things look and taste so you will get a quality product.

Michael T. Baker Bakery

I’m a Home Based Bakery giving the freshest quality bakery goods that the customer deserves.

Oklahoma Honey

Rather than integrating it into their cottage food laws, Oklahoma has a separate law that allows for the sale of honey for small-scale producers. The “Oklahoma Honey Sales Act” (SB 716) lets beekeepers sell directly to customers at different venues, if they produce less than 500 gallons of honey per year. They may not sell […]