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Oklahoma HB 2975

Will allow a producer to avoid putting their name, home address, and phone number on labels by requesting a registration number ($15/year)

Oklahoma SB 1038

Would have created a traditional food freedom law that would mainly benefit small farms by allowing them to sell certain items produced from the meat that they raise.

2021 Cottage Food Bills

2021 is a fresh start in so many ways, but as always, a new year means a new round of cottage food bills!

And what a big round it is! At least one-third of states are actively working on improving their cottage food law this year.

I actually can’t remember a year when there were this many cottage food amendments on the table. It reminds me of nearly a decade ago, when states were busy creating their initial cottage food laws.

In all likelihood, the pandemic, and the resulting surge of interest in cottage foods, is part of the push to improve the laws in many states.

2021 Recap: A Record Year for the Cottage Food Industry

WOW… what a year it has been for our growing cottage food industry!

As I wrote about last year, the pandemic really highlighted the need for people to be able to sell their homemade food.

And in 2021, states responded in a BIG way! This year, more states improved their laws for selling homemade food than in any other year in history.


For many years, Oklahoma had one of the most restrictive cottage food laws in the United States. However, in 2021, Oklahoma replaced their cottage food law with the Homemade Food Freedom Act (HB 1032), and it is now one of the best laws in the country! Under the food freedom law, producers can sell their… [read more]

Oklahoma HB 1032

The Homemade Food Freedom Act, which allows sales of non-perishable foods anywhere, and allows only direct sales of perishable foods (that don’t contain meat). It comes with a $75,000 sales limit.

Native Harvest Bakery

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Oklahoma SB 508

Expanded sales venues to farmers markets as well as from the home, and allowed delivery of products to the customer

Cake Dreams

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JJ’s Old School Bakery

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Michael T. Baker Bakery

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Oklahoma HB 1094

The Home Bakery Act of 2013, which was Oklahoma’s first cottage food law, only allowed sales of baked goods at the producer’s home, with a $20,000 sales limit