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Missouri Individual Stands

Missouri requires every county to have cottage food laws, but each county has their own separate laws. However, there is currently a bill in place to develop state-wide laws.


Missouri has two different laws that allow homemade food sales, which combine to create an overall decent cottage food law. Producers can use both laws, if they’d like. Unlike this law, Missouri’s other cottage food law is not available to everyone in the state. But in the counties that do allow it, it allows producers… [read more]

2021 Cottage Food Bills

2021 is a fresh start in so many ways, but as always, a new year means a new round of cottage food bills!

And what a big round it is! At least one-third of states are actively working on improving their cottage food law this year.

I actually can’t remember a year when there were this many cottage food amendments on the table. It reminds me of nearly a decade ago, when states were busy creating their initial cottage food laws.

In all likelihood, the pandemic, and the resulting surge of interest in cottage foods, is part of the push to improve the laws in many states.

Missouri HB 1697

Allows online sales and in-state shipping for sales of baked goods, jams, jellies, & herbs. Removes the $50k sales limit.

Noisy Rooster Farm

About us: Noisy Rooster Farm is a first generation family farm that is owned and operated by Veterans in the Ozarks of rural Missouri. We are a newly embarked farming operation just getting off the ground, so please bear with us as we get the kinks worked out. So far, we are raising livestock and… [read more]

Missouri SB 525

Initial cottage food law for sales from home. Allowed up to $50k per year of sales of baked goods, jams, jellies, & herbs.

All ‘Bout Cakes

I am not as of yet officially opened but have hopes to open in the near future. I plan to open as LLC and am weeding through the process and trying to figure out what I am allowed to do under the Cottage Law. I have in place the makings of a commercial kitchen…the three… [read more]