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Georgia HB 583

Would have replaced their current cottage food law with a food freedom law. Would have allowed indirect sales of nonperishable products. Would have allowed perishable products that don’t contain meat to be sold both directly and indirectly. Would have allowed certain perishable products that contain meat to be sold directly. Would have removed the requirement… [read more]

Georgia HB 287

Would have created a new law to allow “microenterprise home kitchens” (AKA micro-restaurants) to sell ready-to-eat meals and food.

Georgia SB 578

Would have allowed micro-restaurants to sell most types of perishable food items from home

From Lawyer To Boozy Baker with Dawn Belisle

Dawn sells alcohol-infused cupcakes from her home bakery near Atlanta, Georgia, called Delights By Dawn. Dawn talks about scaling, making yourself memorable, and if you should quit your day job.

Sweet Myrtle Bakery

Sweet Myrtle Bakery specializes in unique homemade desserts, cakes and treats!


Georgia’s cottage food laws are pretty good, though it takes some effort for cottage food operators to get setup initially.  Operators must have a business license, take a training course, send in an application, and get their home inspected before they can get their cottage food license.  However, once setup, they are not limited to a… [read more]