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Arizona has one of the most successful cottage food programs of any state, with over 6,100 businesses registered as of May 2017. This success is in large part because Arizona has a very good cottage food law, and it continually gets supported and promoted by the health department. They have an excellent website that explains their cottage food law, […]

Sammy Cakes

My name is Sammy, I have an associates degree in patisserie and baking from the Le Cordon Bleu. I have been making cakes since 2009 and I love what I do! All my work is done from home please feel free to visit my website for pictures of some of the work I have done […]

Baked Good 2014

Established in 2014. Baked Good is a “Pop-Up Bakery” founded by Guillaume Boulard (baker, musician, producer, accountant and agriculturist) and Charity MacDonald (Producer, Director, Editor of Digital Media, Performance Installation Artist and owner of He is originally from Marseille, France but grew up in Paris and I am originally from Arizona but set other […]