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Rolling In Cookie Dough with Amy Wong & Lawrance Combs

Podcast Episode #65 —

Rolling In Cookie Dough with Amy Wong & Lawrance Combs

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Amy Wong & Lawrance Combs live in Cupertino, CA and sell massive 6 ounce cookies, which they call “pudges”, with their bakery, Batch 22.

Amy and Lawrance started their Instagram-only bakery at the beginning of the pandemic, and they put a lot of strategy into their marketing and launch efforts. And those efforts have paid off in a big way!

They now have an avid following of people who can’t seem to get enough of their incredible cookies, and their business is growing extremely fast.

They recently hosted their own Investor Day to raise money for moving to their own storefront, and they raised over $150k!

In this episode, you’ll learn about their unique and fascinating business journey!

What You’ll Learn

  • Why Amy doesn’t regret perfecting her cookies for many years before selling them
  • Marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business
  • How their pudge cookies compare to Crumbl cookies
  • Why they can charge $6 per cookie without customers batting an eye
  • How they launched their business by giving away a bunch of free cookies
  • Why they strategically didn’t share anything about themselves on social media for the first year
  • The surprising truth about social media giveaways
  • How they optimized their systems to add consistency and drop under a 1% error rate
  • Why niching down can improve your brand recognition
  • How to boost sales by removing popular items from your menu
  • 4 different options for raising money for a business, ranked from best to worst
  • How they ran an Investor Day to raise over $150k of SAFE investments from individuals
  • 2 options for buying a storefront, compared
  • What an exhaustive business plan looks like (see link below)


Batch 22 Bakery website (Instagram | Yelp | Facebook)

Business Plan & Investor Day info

Giveaway Launch Strategy (example in Episode 1)

BizBen (for buying a storefront)

Levain Bakery in NYC (Amy’s initial cookie inspiration)

California Cottage Food Law

Starting a cottage food business?


How To Start A Cottage Food Business


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