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The Most Important Ingredient In Your Business

Are you using the most important ingredient in your business?

It took me YEARS to start using this ingredient, and I often see other entrepreneurs failing to use it (or not using it as much as they should be).

The funny thing is that it’s so easy to use. If you are using it, then you know how powerful it can be; and if you are not using it, then simply put, you are not leveraging your business’ most important asset!

Please scroll down and leave a comment below to let me know how you are using (or not using) the most important ingredient in your business!


I have 2 other home businesses that I’ve been working on casually for the past 10 years, and now I’m thinking of starting a cottage food business. I can freely admit that I’ve been guilty of not sharing enough of myself with my customers in the past, but I’m now wondering if that’s been part of what’s made it hard for my businesses to be successful! This course has already been invaluable! I’ve learned things that apply to multiple self-employed businesses and I can’t wait to start implementing these new tips!

Hi David!
Thanks for sharing your story. I agree with your position of sharing personal tidbits about ourselves (check out our “cheese” page on our website :-)
I am here on Forager to learn more about what our outline of holding tea parties will look like. Locals have been asking us to host these events at our historical landmark home (also a bona fide bed and breakfast). Because we do not have a commercial kitchen, it is a challenge to restrict ourselves to the allowed items. We are also a for-profit business, so face some challenges on that platform. We DO, however, give our home freely to our military veterans on Veterans Day each year as a charitable expression of our thanks, so we will be accepting donations for entry to our tea parties as a fundraiser to support that mission.
I think you did a really great job with your post. As you mature, it becomes easier to put yourself in front of an audience, so do not fret that journey! It takes a certain kind of gutsy person to follow our dreams in life…but what would life be without dreams?!
Thanks for being you :-)

    Thanks Barbara! I understand that it can be difficult to work around the commercial kitchen requirement. It’s great that you are supporting veterans! Keep up the good work at your B&B.

Hi David! I just stumbled upon this website as I am researching starting a home baking business. What a great idea to offer support to others on the same path! I don’t feel so isolated and alone having found this resource ! And I so appreciate your video..I found this talk very helpful …..Thank you for introducing yourself…it makes it nicer to actually know who the person is on the other side of the web chat! The topic of really injecting myself into my business is profoundly helpful to me as I tend to doubt my own value sometimes! Thanks again!

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