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  • Tonya Boggs posted an update in the group Virginia 4 years, 3 months ago

    Goat Milk Cheese and soup?
    Can I sale Goat milk Cheese and Goat Milk Soup in VA or TN (if anyone know about TN)
    Thank you for your time,\
    Tonya Boggs
    ZT&JL Farm

    • That wouldn’t be allowed in TN, but it should be possible in VA if you set yourself up as a home food processing operation:

    • You can not “sell” goat milk in VA, unless you mark it as “Not for human consumption.” OR sell shares in your goat. We sell goat shares. People can legally drink the milk of their own animals…so selling a portion of each animal makes it a share. They do need to pay a fee monthly that shows you are taking care of the animal…like a boarding and full care facility. You can google goat shares and a number of goat dairy operations come up. Get ideas that way.
      Can I ask what your goat soup is??? That is intriguing.

      • Thanks so much for replying. So I take that to mean that even a commercial operation, processing the milk in a commercial facility, cannot sell it? Then there would be no way for anyone to produce goat milk and sell it in a store in VA? Very interesting.

      • USDA Inspected facilities are allowed to sell goats milk in Va. I miss spoke, or didn’t give enough information. We can not sell, for human consumption, goat milk under the cottage food laws of Va (unless you have a USDA inspected facility) :)

      • Okay, that makes sense, and since it’s regulated by the USDA, not VA’s ag dept, I can see how the home food processing license would not be sufficient. Thanks for the info!