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  • Coco Ding posted an update in the group Packaging & Labeling 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi, I am looking into shipping peanut brittle and found that shipping charges to be quite expensive (almost more than the product itself. lol) via USPS priority service. If you ship your product, what method do you use? do you like it? Any receommedations? Thank you.

    • I’ve shipped my fudge and I do use USPS flat rate boxes. I don’t do this as part of my business, since CA doesn’t allow shipping, so my experience is limited and I haven’t tried to optimize the process much. However, I think it’s probably the ideal solution for me since my fudge is heavy and is also a fairly high-value item. Your brittle is so light that flat-rate wouldn’t be the way to go. I might look into first class with tracking. But there’s no getting around it… shipping isn’t cheap. I’d recommend passing most of the cost off to the customer, and if they want your product badly enough, they’ll likely be glad to pay the shipping cost!