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  • Julie D posted an update in the group Florida 7 years, 1 month ago

    If I only TEACH cake decorating out of my house, and I am not selling the actual cakes, cupcakes, etc., for others to consume, as they are used for instruction… is that still under the cottage food laws, since it is not exactly a CFO? Does anyone know, what category this business would fall under, and if it is also allowed from home, in Lee County / Cape Coral, FL?

    • I’m actually not sure if this would be allowed from your home kitchen. You could call up the ag dept, which manages the cottage food law, but I think this kind of business would fall under the health dept. It may be okay if you’re not having your clients eat what your making… hopefully at that point it could be considered an art class and maybe the health dept wouldn’t be the right one after all. I really don’t know!