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  • Sid posted an update in the group California 5 years, 10 months ago

    Hi David,

    First up, kudos on building this website. The effort you have put in and continue to put in everyday, patiently answering all questions and sharing your knowledge is greatly appreciated!

    I am doing some research on CFOs and the feasibility of the industry, its revenues and growth. This is for a paper or a case study on the CFO industry, the laws which have helped the industry to grow and the potential in the industry.

    I also have a few questions which are not directly related to the laws but pertinent to the industry as a whole. Looking at your website, I feel you are an industry expert on the topic! Also, since you have dabbled with CFO marketplace you might have a better understanding of the industry. I am hoping you are willing to share your experiences and learning on some questions:

    1. What are some ways to estimate the revenues generated by the CFO operators? Do you have an idea as to how much revenue might CFO operators be generating in the state of California?

    2. Why did you close the marketplace for CFOs? Was the industry not willing to adopt to an online medium or were there any other reasons?

    3. Do you think this industry will grow and the demand for cottage operators will increase? Is the potential for this industry hindered by laws such as limited product offerings allowed and prohibition on shipping?

    I would really appreciate any insight and it would be great if you can shed some light on this.