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  • Ethan posted an update in the group Illinois 4 years, 7 months ago

    I recently had the idea of selling my home roasted coffee at local farmers markets. Upon further research I found out that home roasted coffee isn’t allowed, but homemade, dried tea leaves are—go figure! I found a recent bill in Illinois General Assembly (HB2486) and wrote the house sponsors and Senator Brady along with my local House Rep. Tim Butler asking them to amend this.Tim Butler’s office just called me this morning to inform me they will be contacting a few Senators involved (bill is now in Senate) to get an amendment for home roasted coffee! How cool is that! Nothing has passed yet, but you can keep track of the bill by going to:

    • UPDATE: Received an email last night from Rep. Tim Butler’s office! Amendment is being drafted by legislative research unit. Should only take them a day or two. Then amendment will be filed by Sen. Brady next day the Senate is in session (they are typically in Monday-Friday until May 31). Making progress, people! You can keep track of the bill by going to: