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  • Yes, indeed lots of paperwork to file…will drive you crazy, but you got this!!

    Do you plan on having an employee? EIN numbers are generally used if you have employees. If you have no employees you won’t need an EIN.

    If you’re just starting without employees (only you and family members) it’s best to start as a sole proprietor and use your own…[Read more]

  • You’re welcome. Yes, the same knowledge applies for class B as well, which is the permit I use to have. It will also be nice for you to be able to buy supplies wholesale with the sellers permit. Good luck with your business :) Take care!

  • Hi Jennifer,
    If you are only selling direct to consumers (cottage food operation class A) and your product is served at room temperate (baked good, nuts, chocolate, etc) and no one is eating on site as in like a restaurant space, then you don’t need to charge sales tax. So no sales tax for online orders, delivery, pickup, or farmer’s…[Read more]

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