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  • Liliana posted an update 5 years, 7 months ago

    @jeremy Hi Jeremy. I’m trying to get some insight on possibly selling some GF products. Anything you can advise?

    • What specifically are you having trouble with?

      • I live in Conshohocken and would like to see if I can have a couple of the coffee shops carry my granola and baked items. I already got a positive response from one store owner, but I am wondering if there are special rules I have to abide by with GF items. Thank you

      • I wouldn’t imagine you would have to do anything special for gluten free. Is that what GF stands for?

        And I am in Colorado, so I would recommend just emailing the Pennsylvania Health Department to ask them specifically.

    • As @jeremy said, it’s best to call the ag dept about this (unlike CO, the ag dept manages home food businesses in PA).

      Because “gluten-free” is a health claim, I believe that including it on your label would also require you to list nutrition facts, so it may be a little more complicated than you were probably hoping.