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  • Kimberly Johnson posted an update in the group New York 1 year, 9 months ago

    Hi, all! I use my home kitchen to make cookies that happen to be made with cricket powder.

    A seriously-major company just reached out to me to ask if I can make and ship a large number of cookies to various media entities, to promote a bug-related documentary they will be releasing in March. So, I would need to ship outside of NY.

    I’d like to say yes, and then figure it out along the way.

    There’s a rentable industrial kitchen near me, and I’m friends with a proper pastry chef who can help me. But, what do I need to do legally to “switch” my business over to using a kitchen like this? Are there licenses, or certifications? How long does that process take? And, would that switch need to be permanent, or can I continue baking from home after that?

    Please point me in the right direction if you happen to know anything, even if it’s just a link to start reading!

    Thanks, everyone!