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  • julia sherman posted an update in the group Tennessee 6 years, 5 months ago

    Promulgation of new laws
    I am not sure what is happening in other areas, but there seems to be a lack of promulgation/promotion. Right now in my east tn area events/flea markets/ and locations are now embracing the older once a month for charity no license is needed sale of baked goods guidelines laws.
    University of TN outreach centers are still clueless as to what the new laws on cottage foods mean or even that they exist.
    Local government, like county clerks, do however have them and are willing to help. But getting the information to the places that need it, like event venues, flea market venues, etc are refusing the information. Some health departments know the laws were expanded but they “ haven’t had time to read them” and still enforce the older law.
    I do think that broader and more intensive explanation or maybe a seminar on the new laws is in order and mass emails and mailing of the new laws would make those who wish to work within the law and are quashed

    • It does seem more difficult in some of the southern and midwest states, which seem to be less concerned with progress and would rather do things the way they’ve done them for awhile.