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  • inn-serendipity wrote a new post, Hot Trends for a Cottage Food Operation 7 years, 9 months ago

    The following is adapted with permission from HOMEMADE FOR SALE: How to Set Up and Market a Food Business from your Home Kitchen by Lisa Kivirist and John D. Ivanko
    From Buy Local to Small Business Saturdays, […]

    • Gina, you make good points and the limitations of the cottage food law are definitely a good reason to seek a commercial kitchen. Commercial kitchens are so much better equipped to handle the needs of a food business, and once someone runs a full-time business or can afford a commercial kitchen, I agree that those are the way to go.

      I have heard many CFO’s stories, but I honestly have never heard of anyone getting sued. The fear of getting sued leads a number of CFOs to get insurance, which FLIP did write an article about, but even they admitted to me that they’ve never had a CFO call a claim. If you have any evidence, links, or stories of people running legal CFOs who had problems as a result, I’d love to learn about them. I agree that people need to know the facts, including positives and negatives, but I’ve simply had trouble finding any litigious forms of the latter.