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Jason Balthazor

  • Jason Balthazor posted an update in the group Missouri 1 month, 1 week ago

    Hi, everyone. New to the group here, and new to the cottage industry. I’m starting a cottage business in St. Louis City. I reached out to the City License department to see if they require one for cottage businesses, but have not heard back. Is anyone here in STL City or familiar with STL City laws in this regard? Thanks for your help.

    • I’ve heard that St. Louis restricts cottage food businesses to only selling out of the home. I don’t believe any other town or city in MO restricts cottage food businesses in that way. So it’s a major issue, for sure. You should try talking to the health dept to confirm this. As far as the city business license is concerned, I’m sure that they…[Read more]

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    • Hi Jason, I believe it depends on where and how you plan to sell your goods. Most outdoor sales events like Farmers markets have a blanket vendor license to cover all sales booths in the market and the vendors do not need a personal one. This contains a lot of excellent information and may be of help

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