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  • Megan posted an update in the group Texas 1 week ago

    Hello everyone. I’m very very new to this. I have several questions. I may not even be in the right place but I really don’t know where to begin.
    So I am an at home barista pretty much. I love making lattes and different flavored drinks and such for my guests. I’m wondering if I can start selling coffee from home? I live in an apartment complex and they aren’t my problem. I just cant seem to find any information on selling hot beverages. Before the pandemic happened I was kind of in a rut and was considering trying to open a small coffee stand. I slowly see that slipping away now as I don’t really have a good way to test my product on a larger scale. I’m wondering if it isnt better to use this time as a opportunity to even give away free coffee drinks in order to gain feedback. Would accepting tips be okay? I also currently have all of my food handlers and management food handlers that I could need.
    It would be nice to make some cash from it but if my only legal option is giving away free beverages I wouldn’t be closed off from that idea.