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  • Happy Kitchen posted an update in the group Cookies, Brownies, & Bars 5 years, 4 months ago

    If I could chime in regarding cookies…it’s coincidental that I had spent the last three weeks when I could perfecting the texture of these simple “Sugar Vanilla” Cookies. A base upon which I could make just about anything. You’re all absolutely right. When I see a cookie anywhere, I always think I could make the cookie better and cheaper because I know which are the tastiest, highest quality ingredients out there and let’s fact it, most bakeries and restaurants use the cheapest ingredients they can find. Sorry Bouchon bakery, you too! ;-)

    Most bakeries use flour which has been processed within an inch of its life, sugar that has been bleached, chemically processed and genetically modified, etc. What I love about cookies is that you can make say a dozen, which if you’re lucky cost you $1.50 a batch and sell each for $2 each. And they only take 9 minutes in the oven. There’s instant gratification as opposed to my coconut Paleo bread which takes an hour and 15.

    Having done considerable research to find a “healthy cookie” in all of LA, that’s what really encouraged me to take up baking. Necessity. There are thousands here in my city who cannot and do not have sugar, wheat, those who are in the movie/TV industry with their really long working days.

    My cookies are still a work in process. The recipe I have now is good, but the texture is off. It’s spongy, but hey, these cookies stay fresh for up to 3 weeks so I can’t complain.
    When I used to cook in the conventional way, things like cookies, cupcakes would start to taste stale in a day or two. I suppose offering a unique product is what is going to keep these CFO’s in business for the long haul. If people did not eat sugar, there would be no disease. Sugar is a growth catalyst, without it, cancer dies, arthritis subsides, Parkinsons even goes away. Thanks!

    • Very interesting! It will be interesting to see what you think of my next blog post, which will be all about NOT perfecting your recipes. At least, not before you haven’t made money from them yet. :)