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  • Barbara posted an update in the group California 5 years, 1 month ago

    We’ve recently discovered a Farmer’s Market manage who will not allow CFOs into any of their 3 markets. The reason given is that it would increase their insurance costs. This seems odd for several reasons, especially given the low-risk nature of permitted cottage foods. Has anyone else experienced similar discrimination or have any info on whether or not insurance costs increase by including CFOs?

    • I haven’t heard of that being a reason for not allowing them, though it seems reasonable that an insurance company would raise their rates. I’d say it’s a perceived problem, although it’s not backed up by any evidence or truth.

      Most of the time, I think farmers markets don’t allow CFOs because they either want to focus on products produced by farmers, or they have so many vendors already lined up that they don’t need to bother with another type.

      As far as I know, farmers markets can exclude CFOs for any reason. Even if they are discriminating unfairly, there’s not much that can be done about it.