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  • Gina posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Thanks so much for your reply! You made a great point about having a similar dba to someone else.
    I’ve formed an llc, filed a dba, am I ready to start selling my product? Or is there anything else I need to do before I can get this thing going? I’m so ready and I’m getting very frustrated bc I feel like I can’t figure out the next step. Thanks for your help.

    • Check with any county and city in which you sell (possibly more than one if you are in multiple farmers markets) to see if you need to get a Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as an Occupational License). In some cases you may need it, but in some cases it’s possible you may come under the market where you sell.

      Also, don’t just show up at a market and expect to sell. Some may allow this, but some may have an application and approval process – especially since some try to avoid duplication of products.

      Also, when setting your prices, be sure to account for more than just your ingredients. It takes electricity and/or gas to bake the products, in addition to your own time and effort. As someone told me, when I started, “If your prices are too high, it’s easy to make them lower, but if they are too low, it’s not easy to raise them.”