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  • Donna Pickthall posted an update in the group California 5 years, 9 months ago

    Hi there, I opened my CfO last year. I live in Orinda and am registered with Contra Costa. City ordinance says I can run a business from my home but clients can not come to the house. It limits me a little but not a major problem. My business plan was to delivery locally and in time get a Farmers Market stall. I started looking into this and discovered the 3 companies which run the Farmers Markets in Contra Costa do not accept CFO’s. I’ve done lots of research and discovered many over the hills in Berkeley and Oakland up in Napa, Sonoma etc who do. However Sonoma will only take CFO’s registered in Sonoma. Can anyone let me know if the Farmers Markets in their area will take CFO’s from other counties. I’m happy to travel , though it seems silly. I’m thinking I will travel to as many and wide spread farmers markets to make a point and get some publicity . I’m a very active member of my community , I run a community arts project from my home,have Orindas only Little Free Library, am on the school parents board, assistant Daisy scout leader. Run a community based business but cant sell in my own community.

    • Donna, the law just got amended on January 1st to allow CFOs to sell directly anywhere in the state. Some counties may take awhile to get up to speed with the new ruling, but eventually no county should be prohibiting CFOs from different ones. You should call up Sonoma again and see if they’re aware of AB 1252, and what they’re doing about it.

      • Hi David,
        I am just days away from getting my LA County CFO permit Class B. The LA Dept. of Public Health told me (last week, Feb 2014) that in LA County, cottage foods from other counties are *not* permitted in retail stores.

        Where did you hear about the change in the law?


        In AB 1252 it seems to say that it is still up to each county to decide:

        “A “Class B” cottage food operation shall be authorized to engage in the indirect sales of cottage food products within the county in which the “Class B” cottage food operation is permitted.

        “A county ** MAY AGREE ** to allow a “Class B” cottage food operation permitted in another county to engage in the indirect sales of cottage food products in the county.”

        • Right — the law change is only applicable to direct sales. Indirect sales have the same rules they’ve had from the beginning, which is that counties may allow intercounty sales if they choose to.