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  • Trish A posted an update in the group California 7 months ago

    I’m brand new and in the process of getting my CFO. I’ve reviewed the approved food list for CA, but have come across conflicting information. I am hoping someone can help me out. In regard to bread, is sourdough allowed? On the current list it does not give specifics. However, somewhere (can’t remember where) I read that it is considered fermented; therefore, not allowed. Most of what I bake is sourdough. Can anyone provide me with accurate info? Also, to piggy-back on that, if it is approved, do I state “sourdough starter” on the ingredient list or do I indicate natural or wild yeast? I know this is a lot, but would really appreciate some clarity.

    • Sourdough bread does not count as a fermented food for the purposes of the law, the restrictions on fermented food exist when the food producer is using fermentation to control the growth of unwholesome bacteria, in a ready to eat food, like kimchi. fermentation works perfectly well for the private kimchi enthusiasts, but the government is hesitant to trust you will reliably keep the correct conditions necessary for a healthy, balanced fermentation- inwhich the bacteria people find beneficial to health and happiness are able to out-compete the bacteria people have a hard time with…. think “diarrhea.” After you bake your sourdough it will have gotten hot enough to kill all the bacteria you spent time growing as a starter, leaving behind the delicious and complex flavors resulting from their variouse metabolic processes, in the end the bread is safe, and you get to enjoy the product of their life’s work. They probably had no idea their whole universe was a loaf of bread…. that was subject to the laws of the state of California. I hope that helps, but if you want any thing more…. ask