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  • David replied to the topic Baked good deco in the forum Arizona 7 years, 9 months ago

    Arizona is pretty lenient… you will be fine with this kind of item.

    You don’t need a nutrition label on your products unless you make a health claim, like “low-fat”. Just apply for an exemption.

    The FDA’s info confuses me too, but I know you don’t have to register with them (aside from that exemption). Sorry, I really have no idea if info about preservative ratios exists.

    • Thank you David !
      Is it even possible to register a home based business as a FDA food facility? I am concerned if a consumer sees a ‘made in a private home’, it may discourage them from buying a product. Can a label be worded ‘made in a cottage food facility’ ? and still be legal?

    • I found this link that may help if anyone has questions on FDA food preservative regulations.
      It is .1 percent of the finished product for most common preservatives and or combination of two or more.
      I am so glad I stumbled on this site. Cottage Food laws will make it so much easier to get started!

    • Michelle, can you repost your question in the forum for all to see? This here is my activity feed, and others won’t be able to follow the conversation.