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  • Valerie Breun posted an update in the group Food Safety 2 years, 1 month ago

    Hello all! As a CFO in FL, I am struggling understanding shelf-stability in particular items -why certain ingredients/baked goods would need refrigeration, while others do not. For instance- in this recipe for Red Velvet Cookies (…/) – its ok to leave them at room temperature even though they have a cream cheese frosting in them. Why do other goodies, like truffles for instance, have to be refrigerated? More specifically, if I make something similar to a truffle that is wrapped in a brownie layer and then dipped in chocolate, do they still need to be refrigerated? Or is there a way to make them shelf-stable?

    • Because it’s not always apparent when things are shelf-stable and when they are not, FL does not allow anything with cream cheese or butter (though butter in something thoroughly baked is allowed).

      Regarding the science of it, there are a lot of variables at play. In general, sugar is a stabilizer that will make something more shelf-stable. Decreasing the water content (baking) will also increase shelf life. Adding an acid also prevents bacteria growth. Ultimately you need to get something lab tested if it is a borderline item, although in Florida’s case, they only allow products that are not borderline.

    • Yes fudge should be allowed.