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  • Chris J. posted an update in the group Ohio 5 years, 3 months ago

    My son and I are writing a business plan for a small business that would offer a variety of homemade sausages, yes?

    Due to the fact that we are dealing with meat appears to exclude us from operating this as a cottage industry, is this correct? Is there any way that you are able to acquire a license that would allow us to prep and make the sausages in our own home in the initial phase of the start-up?

    Finally, if we have to use a commercial kitchen versus our home kitchen, are we able to store and sell the product from our house?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    • There is no way for you to sell a homemade sausage, unless you build a separate commercial kitchen in your home (very expensive). If you want to keep your costs low initially, you should find places where you can either rent or borrow the use of a commercial kitchen, such as at restaurants, churches, etc. No matter what, you will not be able to store product at your home or sell your products directly from your house, though you may be able to offer delivery from your home (however, I have heard that storing products at home is a common practice, though illegal).