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Wyoming Cottage Food

Cottage Food Law

Wyoming now has a food freedom law which might entirely replace this one. However, since products sold under the food freedom law can only be consumed at a private home, this original cottage food law might still be useful for some types of sales. For instance, a wedding cake can probably be sold directly under this law, and then consumed at a venue other than a private home.

Just to be clear, you should sell almost all homemade food using the food freedom law. You would only resort to this law for a very specific type of sale, if the food is not likely to be consumed at a private home. Many times, you will not know where the customer will consume your product (such as a sale at a farmers market), and in those cases, you should use the food freedom law.

Like the food freedom law, this law only allows direct sales from the home or at events, like farmers markets. Almost all non-perishable foods are allowed, there is no sales limit, and no license or inspection from the ag or health department is required.


Although online sales are not allowed, you can still advertise on the internet.

Starting a cottage food business?


Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Cottage Food Business

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Allowed Foods

Prohibited Foods

You can sell more types of food with the food freedom law.

Only "non-potentially hazardous" foods are allowed, but certain non-PHFs may not be allowed. Most foods that don't need to be refrigerated (foods without meat, cheese, etc.) are considered non-potentially hazardous. Learn more


There is no sales limit


Sample Label

Chocolate Chip Cookies

"Home Produced Without Inspection" (12-point type, bold)

Forrager Cookie Company

123 Chewy Way, Cookietown, WY 73531

Ingredients: enriched flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), butter (cream, salt), semi-sweet chocolate (sugar, chocolate, cocoa butter, milkfat, soy lecithin, natural flavors), brown sugar, granulated sugar, eggs, vanilla extract (vanilla bean extract, alcohol, sugar), baking soda, salt (salt, calcium silicate)

Contains: milk, eggs, wheat, soy

Produced on 6/4/2020

NET WT 2 lb 4 oz (1.02 kg)

The label must show the date produced by saying “Produced on _____”

If a health claim is made, the producer must include nutrition info on the label.  Otherwise, they can apply for an exemption from putting a nutrition panel on the label.



Dean Finkenbinder

Wyoming Department of Agriculture

Linda Stratton

Wyoming Department of Agriculture
Law Dates
July 2009
HB 16

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Starting a cottage food business?


Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Cottage Food Business

(Some of them just might surprise you!)


What about setting up a display at a local store that sells for me? The store doesn’t buy it from me, just collects the money and gets a share for displaying it? Consignment I guess.

    I don’t think you can sell to a hotel, even though they are not reselling the product. You should check with the ag dept, but I think you can only sell homemade food to individuals, not businesses.

So, Is there a certain restriction on meats? I heard that i can only make things containing poultry, no red meats or wild game. Is that true? Also, if I were making meals in my home, selling them to other families so they DONT have to cook, will i need to have any form for them to sign stating they are aware that I am not certified and that I had the label for them to know everything about the meal they have purchased?

    The restriction you’re talking about pertains to the food freedom law, not this one. Yes, it’s correct that you can’t use non-poultry meat when using that law. You can’t use any form of meat or dairy when using this cottage food law. The biggest restriction to the food freedom law is that all food must be sold for home consumption — i.e. you can sell meals to a family, but you can’t sell ready-to-eat food at a fair. You don’t need to have a family sign any form for you to sell to them.

Do I need a Cottage Food operation permit ? I no that in some other states its required, This is all new to me so I want to do it correctly .