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Louisiana Can you legally sell food from home in Louisiana?

Cottage Food Law

Louisiana’s cottage food law (Act 542) was started in 2013 and amended in 2014. The amendment (HB 1270) greatly increased the number of foods allowed, and it also increased the amount of regulations CFOs must follow. In 2022, the sales limit increased to $30,000 per year (HB 828) .

Unlike every other law, Louisiana imposes specific restrictions on preparers of breads, cakes, cookies, and pies. Those odd restrictions indicate that other items would be relatively unrestricted in how they are produced and sold.

Selling Where can you sell homemade food products?

Breads, cakes, cookies, or pies may not be sold indirectly, which suggests that the other allowed food items can be sold indirectly at stores and restaurants.

Starting a cottage food business?


How To Start A Cottage Food Business

Allowed Foods What food products can you sell from home?

Unlike most other states, custard or cream-filled bakery products are allowed, but only if pasteurized milk products are used.

Limitations How will your home food business be restricted?

Sales are limited to $30,000 per year

Preparers of breads, cakes, cookies, or pies must follow these special rules:

  • They cannot employ anyone to help them in the production of those items
  • Pets must be excluded at all times from preparation areas
  • If there are ingredients that require refrigeration, the refrigerator must stay at 45 degrees or below

Business What do you need to do to sell food from home?

Sales Tax Certificate

A CFO needs to apply for a Louisiana General Sales Tax Certificate from the Department of Revenue, plus a local sales tax certificate (from any region it will sell in), before selling products.

Labeling How do you label cottage food products?

Sample Label

The label must have a statement that "clearly indicates that the food was not produced in a licensed or regulated facility."

Resources Where can you find more information about this law?

Law Dates
August 2013
SB 18
August 2014
HB 1270
August 2022
HB 828

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Starting a cottage food business?


How To Start A Cottage Food Business

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I’m wanting to sell prepackaged drink mixes in a special and appealing way to my customers at local conventions. If my mix is prepackaged and the water I provide is prepackaged unopened water bottles, will that fall in this category? If not could you please point me to where I need to apply for a permit!

Can anyone tell me if baby food would fall under the cottage law? If not where can I research those laws?

Can you please tell me if coffee beans can be sold under the cottage food law in Louisiana; or can you give me a number to call to check on this.

    Coffee beans would be considered produce like tomatoes or melons. NO STATE PERMIT REQUIRED. Thou some cities do require a sales permit.

What is the laws for selling homemade pepper Jellies? Does it fall under cottage law? Can it be sold in stores? Where can they be sold? Is there certain licenses needed? Is there restriction where they have to be made? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I make barbecue sauces and jellies and would like to know what to do about the health board. Do I need a license to make these products in my kitchen?

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