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This state does not yet have a cottage food law, so you cannot sell homemade food!

Hawaii does not have a cottage food law, but it has tried passing cottage food bills in the past (most recently SB 379). You can find more information on this website.

Apparently, it is possible to sell certain types of homemade food at events with a temporary food establishment permit. This is something the health department has decided to do, even though there is no cottage food law allowing it. The biggest restriction is that you can only sell at each location for up to 20 days in a 120 day period. Technically, you could sell every day of the year if you sold at 6 or more different events (with a different permit for each). There is no fee to get a permit if you are selling homemade products, but you may be required to get a business license or follow other local requirements.


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I am planning to produce spirulina at my home and distribute to local health food stores for human consumption. What are the health department regulations and certification that I would need?

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