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On-line selling

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    Anybody know of other web sites that I can list my products to sell?

    What I have found so far is:

    I don’t like GrubMarket one for the name, Grub to me is college food lots of food low price – aka Grub or what you were served at summer camp. Also the interface it clunky in that it doesn’t allow a local area search. If somebody is selling bread in Boston or Palm Springs CA you show up on the same list. The problem is CA does not allow shipment of our Cottage foods. is going away and when I looked the site was down.

    So anybody know of a site where you can list your food for sale and choose if it you can use usp/usps/fedex delivery or local only?



    David Crabill

    Yeah Raf decided to take down Cottage Meal in favor of GrubMarket… I’ve talked with him a few times and he just doesn’t have the development team to improve his site.

    This site was born out of our efforts building an online marketplace for cottage foods — an endeavor that failed. There have been many more since we did it over a year ago. The only ones left are all new as of the past few months:,,,, & All of the ones that started last year either pivoted or shutdown. Some CFOs have found some success simply listing their products on Square’s marketplace. Of course there is also Etsy and Good Eggs, both bigger players that have their own limitations.

    So the reason you may see limited options is because that marketplace approach to this community hasn’t taken hold for whatever reason. Most CFOs are not like you, actively looking to sell their products online. They do list them, but usually via their own site or Facebook page. Our marketplace offering last year had hundreds of hours of development work and had a nicer design than this site, so I don’t think the technical aspects were holding it back.

    I will not be adding a marketplace component to this site anytime soon, but I will be adding the ability for CFOs to list their products. Purchasing and delivery will be handled elsewhere, either on another site or over the phone. So basically, this site will serve as an information portal, as it already does to a more limited degree. It would be nice if there were some semi-comprehensive list of CFOs that people could find.


    Robert Owens

    Is it legal to sell cottage food products online? I can not find any where that tells me if there are federal guidelines or regulations that apply to selling across state lines.


    David Crabill

    It is legal to sell online in some states, but it’s almost always illegal to sell interstate. The cottage food laws are all state-implemented (not in federal food code), and Pennsylvania is the only state I’m aware of that allows interstate sales. Even then, other states could prohibit sales from PA CFOs. Production from a home kitchen isn’t generally a viable option if interstate sales are part of your business plan.

    Even in the states that allow in-state online sales, the product usually cannot be shipped.



    How does grubmarket ship to customers if the cottage food items are not allowed to be shipped and can only be directly delivered?


    David Crabill

    Unlike Etsy, GrubMarket allows CFOs to fulfill their orders via personal delivery, rather than shipping. CFOs can also choose to use the shipping functionality on GrubMarket, but it’s optional. The majority of sellers on GrubMarket are not CFOs.



    You could check marketplace for food and drink products



    Hello, I just thought I would mention that we are about to launch a mobile app in Portland, OR called Ripelist. It is a free peer to peer listing app for anyone offering or looking for food made or grown in their local community. It’s open to anyone from local small food businesses/farmers to gardener/hobbyists.
    Initially it will only be available in Portland for the iPhone but we plan on expanding to other platforms soon.
    Sign up on our website so we can let you know as soon as it’s in the app store. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or thoughts at



    We have a mobile marketplace that started in LA. It’s called Cropdots. We are developing an android version. Currently it is available for iOS. List and sell or buy hyperlocal produce and provisions in your community. We just expanded to CSA boxes and popup events!

    Jenn with Cropdots



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