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    Just wondering if anyone has any advice on selling baked goods at local flea/farmer’s markets? I know that produce sells pretty well, but I’ve not seen a lot of baked goods (not here in AK anyways). There are, however, quite a few local markets in my area; and I was thinking it might be worth a try. I’m still not sure, though…so I wanted some outside opinions.

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    David Crabill

    Some farmers markets are produce-only, but I’ve seen many CFOs successfully sell baked goods at the markets that allow them. I’ve seen two distinct approaches: the niche approach and the bakery approach. The former focuses on a few select products, and the latter offers an array of baked goods. The former can command higher prices but the latter allows you to sell to almost anyone. I’ve seen both approaches work, and I’d say the latter takes more work and requires more risk since you increase your odds of having unsold items at the end of the day. That being said, it can also help indicate which items sell well. The hardest thing when starting out is to determine what people will buy.

    Since you said you haven’t seen many baked goods, I’d suggest asking the market managers why they think that’s the case.

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    Okay, thanks a lot!

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