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Cottage Baker Online Local Marketplace

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    Want to get your Cottage Food Business off the ground? Wondering how to build your online presence?
    Cottage Baker is specifically designed to meet the complex needs of Cottage Food Operations.
    Much thought has gone into the Cottage Baker marketplace to make it unique, easy to use and attractive to buyers. Our goal is to help you build your CFO business locally.
    Here are just a few highlights:
    1. We use maps to show buyers approximately where you are located relative to their current location. We also allow buyers to enter different addresses if they want to buy gifts for friends and families who live in another town.
    2. You can decide how much you want to charge based on the number of miles to the delivery location. Buyers use our distance-based delivery charge calculator to calculate delivery costs at check out.
    3. You can not only create standard products, but also create invoices for custom orders.
    4. Our booking system allows you to create an online booking form, block out dates and times, require confirmation before accepting payment, and set minimum total order amounts, and more.
    5. Our subscription system allows you to create your own subscription service like a cookie or cupcake of the month club. We will handle the recurring payments so buyers do not have to pay for many months upfront.
    6. You can enjoy all the unique tools mentioned above for a very low fee. We have multiple seller plan options to choose from, and you only pay for what you need.
    Let Cottage Baker do the marketing and social media work for you. We even advertise to local moms groups, event planners, and local businesses so that you can focus on creating your special products.
    We give license badges to verified sellers, and foster a community where customers feel safe purchasing products and sellers can leverage the status of their licenses.
    There are too many unique features on Cottage Baker to name them all in this post, but click here Cupcakes
    to see a sample product listing. You’ll clearly see just how Cottage Baker can help your customers easily place orders for your products.
    Sign up as a seller on Cottage Baker today and take the next step toward making your dream a reality!
    Video – Selling on Cottage Baker


    Lisa R

    I am currently in the process of creating my own CFO bakery, and need any assistance or advice you may have to offer.
    Please contact me at my email address (listed in the header of this email).
    Thank you!
    Lisa R



    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for your response. Sorry I don’t see your email address in your message. I think David probably wants us to keep our discussion here which is understandable and I will respect that. So here it goes.

    I looked at countless CFO websites and also started following some of them in the social media. Most CFO websites are mostly an information page, they ask customers to call or email them to place an order.
    The problem is, some CFO websites don’t even tell buyers where they are located. You may also run into a few potential customers who hesitate to call. If you are going to create a website, make sure to mention your location. A price list, products pictures and your availability etc. will help too. Just think of it from a buyer’s perspective, you don’t want to call someone, ask many questions, only to find out the price range is outside your budge or she is not even available on your event date. Personally I am one of those who do not like to make phone calls.

    It seems many CFOs are using social media (Facebook and Instagram for example), some seems to be reasonably successful just by doing that. However, building a social profile can take a long time and not everyone is good at it. Also, it is hard to tell how many of your followers are truly potential customers. Having said that, I think social media is still a powerful tool to promote your business, the best thing is, it’s free.

    The idea of Cottage Baker is to help bakers connect with local customers and make it easy for customers to place orders for your products. We are the first marketplace to offer bookings and subscriptions system, we also support local delivery (other website builders only support shipping and shipping is illegal for CFOs ) and you can even create quote request form and custom invoice online.

    My suggestion would be, use a combination of social media and a marketplace like Cottage Baker. You can add a link of your Cottage Baker shop to your social media so that customers can see approximately where you are, what kind of products you have and place orders directly online. We also support reviews and customers can even post pictures of your products in the reviews.

    We are currently helping other custom cake bakers setting up their shops and we are happy to help you get started too. We will have a special offer for your if you are the first one in your area. Just visit our website, there is a contact us link in the footer. Contact us if you are interested to find out what the special offer is.

    Thank you very much.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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