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Moving biz to Tn from NY

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    Berrylicious Bouquets

    I am the founder and owner of Berrylicious Bouquets, a biz I started in upstate NY about 3 years ago. I busted my butt networking and really growing my biz into a reputable and great biz for a stay at home mom. In NY to do anything with chocolate I had to have a separate kitchen under Ag and Market laws. That being said we built 2 kitchen’s to code in our basement. We do no cooking at all, we only “re-shape” foods by melting chocolate and covering items(I.e. oreo’s, twizzlers, pretzles, strawberries, etc) and making them look and taste fantastic Laws here in TN are MUCH less strict than they were in NY. It almost looks to me that I can re-start my biz here under cottage laws. My question is, are all fruits covered under the cottage law?? We partner with 1800 Flowers and make all the “fruit bouquets” for them, which we would now do in Knoxville. We use all fruit fresh, cut the day they are used so no refrigeration is required. I did not have a fridge in my NY kitchen because all the fruits are fresh. I am not really sure who my contact is to talk to someone. Does anyone have that contact info they could pass along. Thanks so much in advance for any feedback. We have only lived here 2 weeks, but I am really antsy to get started again. I will make lots of phone calls on Monday, but I thought I would see what I could learn here:)


    David Crabill

    I think you will once again need to rent or build a commercial kitchen. Cut, fresh fruit is not allowed under the cottage food law, and you can’t sell interstate. I also don’t think you can ship products under the cottage food law.

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