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Memphis regs?

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    I think at least one other person in this group is a Memphis local. I’m looking into selling a few non-PHFs under the cottage food law, and I’m totally new to the concept! Two questions – well, three:
    1) Do I have to file something with the state to operate under the cottage food laws, or just follow the requirements (about labelling, sign display, etc)?
    2) Memphis locals: Are you aware of any city-specific ordinances that are applicable — and/or do you know who regulates this? The closest I’ve come on a web search is a resolution with regard to Food Trucks. Swing and a miss, Google!
    3) Assuming I start doing this thing, is CFO the correct term to use for what I am doing? Or is that applied to Domestic Kitchen sales only?

    I’m very glad to find this community. :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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